Item: SOCIALCARE plenary meeting in Barcelona

On 24-25 May the consortium of the SOCIALCARE project met for the third time and were hosted by one of the project partners, Atos Wordline Spain, in Barcelona.

The agenda was promising and gave an overview of the two-day session that consisted of presentations and discussions of demonstrated results as well as tasks in the (very) near future:

Day 1 was a very content-related day, mostly due to the preparation of the upcoming mock up tests in Austria and the Netherlands. The meeting started with the presentation of the developed branding and logo of SOCIALCARE which was met with approval by all partners. The question occurred who will be user of which device and therefore which design is needed – a very important and elementary issue solved by the consortium during the meeting. After this basic discussion each component of the platform was presented and discussed. In the afternoon the consortium was split in two groups: the technical partners discussed in detail - and also with consideration to security and privacy issues - the development and the technical implementation process. In parallel the end user partners talked about the involvement of the social community, the testing procedure and the different situations in the countries, e.g. concerning volunteering, is a factor needed to be taken into account.

The short update on the parallel sessions in the morning of Day 2 gave once more an impulse to discuss the wearables that should be integrated. The consortium made a selection of three wearables that could possibly be used in SOCIALCARE based on criteria such as functionalities according to the user requirements, the usefulness for the health care providers as well as the technical implementation possibilities. Day 2 was also used to speak about dissemination activities that were and will be conducted by the partners, SOCIALCARE-exploitation including the first draft of the business model but also about project management issues. Additionally, also the tutorial of the platform that will be provided to the end users as an app was discussed by the partners.

In short, the partners have to release a lot of work in the near future, this includes, the choice of the most appropriate wearable, the first prototypes of several components must be finished and tested by with the target group, deliverables must be written and regional communities continuously involved.

The next meeting will be held in Brussels in October 2016. It will be a combination of a partner meeting and the projects mid-term review by the European Commission.

SOCIALCARE plenary meeting in Barcelona