Item: User Data Monitoring in SOCIALCARE

The aim of SOCIALCARE is to support and promote the social innovation process where citizens and older people are taking control of their own wellbeing supporting each other.

In order to reach this goal, a new approach to care for older people is developed, which is user centred and at local level, making use of local resources, bringing as a result, a set of guidelines, best practices and technological tools for a sustainable social care network by empowered citizens in local communities that supports older people.

Among the different modules that exist in the project, ISOIN will develop the user data monitoring. This module is based on an IoT infrastructure with a device and service plug in system. Its main functions are to track the main care parameters and to manage the different devices and care service suppliers.
The first prototype aims to provide first functionalities of the platform.

The IoT infrastructure will contain a catalogue of commercial wearables supported by the platform, which can easily include new sensors to monitor the user, based on health and lifestyle information. This information will be depicted to the senior and the care giver making it easier to support care of the senior remotely. It encourage them to keep it active, healthy and help them live independently.

User Data Monitoring in SOCIALCARE