Item: Midterm Review passed successfully

It is intended that projects funded by the AAL Programme are physically reviewed once – approximately half way through the project. Therefore, the midterm review of the SOCIALCARE project took place on October 6th in the CMU Office in Brussels. The meeting was attended by the CMU-representative, the lead-NCP as well as NCP’s from other agencies involved in the project. And of course by all project partners who arrived in Brussels the day before for the final preparatory work.

During a 4 hour review meeting, the performance of the project and possible obstacles that could block the progress and end-result were thoroughly discussed. The first part of the meeting not only focused on end user involvement – with overviews of the mock up series for mobile use resulting from a co-design process with end users – but also on technical aspects by presenting the system architecture and demonstrating the prototypes of all SOCIALCARE components. During this session, priority was set on obtaining a working and fully integrated prototype, both desk top and mobile, for a next round of end-user testing.

The second part of the meeting focused on the social innovation process – how to create and support sustainable SOCIALCARE communities – and after that on dissemination and exploitation issues – how to share the project results with other parties and how to bring the SOCIALCARE solution to the market successfully. Our draft business model was discussed in detail – an excellent preparation for the intensive AAL2B Business Model workshop that was planned for the next day, hosted by the JOIN Office in Brussels.

During the successful midterm review meeting we received overall positive reactions from the AAL representatives and the mentioned comments resulted in a shortlist of action points for the remaining project period. The next partner meeting will be at ISOIN headquarters in Seville on the 20th and 21th of December and meanwhile we will all keep up our good work on SOCIALCARE.

Midterm Review passed successfully