Item: Android-Tablet-Workshops with the Elderly successfully done!

Two “Android-Tablet Workshops” with a total of 21 elderly participants have been conducted successfully by LIFEtool on the Austrian pilot site. The workshops took place on the 19 January and the 7 February in Bad Zell, a small town in the North-East of Upper Austria. The goal of these workshops was to teach elderly to independently handle the tablet (touch control, gestures, charging). These also included learning how to take photos and to view them, how to browse the Internet or for example view videos on YouTube, read online news or check weather forecasts. Couches also explained the elderly how to write emails or use brain training games.

Such a ‘syllabus’ may seem elementary for many young users, but these are real life-changing skills for our elderly participants!

The attendees were trained by two experienced and qualified coaches from LIFEtool. They prepared easy to understand training material for those sessions and provided Android tablets for all participants. The feedback was very positive and the learning progress of the group-members was significant – more important they have been very motivated, when learning by doing each step by themselves!

Additionally, a “SOCIALCARE” information event took place on the 30th of January in order to get all interested parties informed about the project and its current status. This information event involved 13 participants, inter alia representatives of self-organization model regions respectively organizations (e.g. Zeitbank 55+, Mühlviertler Alm) and other stakeholders. The feedback was very affirmative, but also some critical and reasonable questions emerged regarding the final outcome. Nevertheless, the project-potential was rated high by the stakeholders.

Android-Tablet-Workshops with the Elderly successfully done!