Item: Get started!

The preparation phase of the first trials.

Just a few days to go and the first pilot cycle in the Netherlands and in Austria will start!

The schedule of the SOCIALCARE consortium is very tight these days and all partners are kept busy: the technical partners work hard to get the tested prototype in shape. It’s expected that the last refinements of the apps will be finished shortly before the tests start. The social partners, especially those leading the trials, are in the final phase of the preparations: documents like a user manual must be finished, hardware bought and the SOCIALCARE applications set up. In both countries, the participants’ recruitment is almost finished and at this stage the recruited participants must be trained in using the system. In Austria, this will be done in a workshop, following the series of the tablet courses that took place in January and February (see article “Android-Tablet-Workshops with the Elderly successfully done!”, 22/02/2017). In the Netherlands, the participants will be trained in a tandem between a senior and a volunteer student. The volunteer students are already selected and will be trained in the use of the apps.

It’s planned that the first pilot cycle will start on 1st April. Firstly, experts will be invited to give their feedback about the apps in usability tests. Afterwards already recruited and trained participants will be asked to use the system in their own environment for 3 weeks with the aim to generate knowledge about usability, functionality and the added value the use of the system brings into their lives. Of course, during this period the consortium will not leave the participants on their own. A first level support will be installed and thereby the participants supported.

We are very excited and we keep our fingers crossed for success in this crucial phase!
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Get started!