Item: Technical partners busy to ensure the highest quality of SOCIALCARE Apps

During the last few weeks, a lot of testing has been going on to verify our development efforts. In order to allow the end-user partners to test the improvements made by the technical partners, we set up a certain workflow how to easily distribute these updates to everyone’s smartphones and tablets – as well as allow access to the web platform.

First of all, the University of Applied Sciences is providing two servers for the web components of Social, Care, Devices and Learn – enabling convenient access to the components using web browsers. One of the servers is used for internal testing by all involved partners, including selected expert users. On this server, there are a few tools installed which help us to coordinate e.g. translations (using Weblate) or data collection details during the Pilot (using the automate toolkit).The second server is only used for the privately held Pilot by the end-user partners – accessible by the participants of said field Pilot.

The process for testing the mobile apps on smartphone and tablet works similarly. Thanks to Google’s testing tools integrated directly into the Google Play Store, we can roll out updates directly through the Google Play Store. One – so called Alpha – channel allows us to privately distribute internal updates to only certain users (mainly partner’s employees as well as invited expert users). The second – so called Beta – channel is more open and is being used for the pilots’ participants, where updates are rolled out less often.

Internal testing is conducted to make sure that the quality of our SOCIALCARE platform is high enough before asking for feedback from pilots’ participants – who use the platform in a real-life scenario – compared to mostly closed-environment internal testing.
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Technical partners busy to ensure the highest quality of SOCIALCARE Apps