Item: Partner meeting in Vienna

As headquarters of SOCIALCARE partner Johanniter Austria, the Johanniter-Center-Nord was the location of our partner meeting in Vienna on the 1st and 2nd of June. During the meeting sessions, recent activities and results of the expert-user tests were discussed thoroughly, while remaining activities have been planned.

Technical issues on the agenda included discussion on the status of prototypes and the next steps to be undertaken by defining the main issues and priorities that will lead to a successful start of the Austrian and Dutch end-user pilots after the summer. Our Vienna sessions have resulted in a clear roadmap, including user testing and specifications for the different components.

Other items on the agenda were the socio-economic proof of concept, the exploitation and business model, issues on data protection and dissemination activities. Besides our upcoming presence on social media, SOCIALCARE will participate in this year’s AAL Forum in Coimbra, where representatives of NFE and LFTL will arrange an interactive workshop.

The meeting in Vienna was our last official SOCIALCARE partner meeting. Many thanks and compliments to our hosting partner Johanniter Austria. This summer will be the summer of fine-tuning and getting our platform operational for the senior end-users in our pilot communities.
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Partner meeting in Vienna