An open and flexibel approach to meet the needs of local communities

A large amount of technological solutions is currently available, but large scale implementation of these technological solutions is very limited. The SOCIALCARE project will use transition town initiatives to foster the implementation of flexible technologies adapted to the community needs on a larger scale.


SOCIALCARE will be based on Open Source Software that is flexible and can be adjusted to the specific needs of the community. The technology that is proposed in this project is embedded in a deep social context.

SOCIALCARE consist of the following aspects:
The SOCIALCARE community platform (SCP) brings people together in the place where they live. This can be a street, a number of streets, a district, a village, an apartment building, etc. The SCP makes it possible to exchange offers on demand and to organize volunteering work at local level in a community.

Connecting people:
The SCP will give access to services (coordination, communication, collaboration) for people to create their own associations and activities.

Caring for people:
The SCP gives access to a number of professional and voluntary care and wellbeing services. It will focus on: Integration with home automation solutions, especially with environmental sensors (e.g. motion sensors or microphones), making it possible to improve safety for older people at their homes. Integration with on-body biosensors (e.g. for blood pressure and blood sugar) to monitor physical health parameters of older people with the support of professional and informal caregivers.

Learning with people:
The SCP gives access to a learning component aiming to support frail older people in their community with a volunteer training program. It provides for trainings that are on demand and offered by service providers, NGO's and associations.

Social Innovation Process
SOCIALCARE is not only about technology but also about a social innovation process, where stakeholders and citizens are brought together to support older people. There will be a large focus on the pilots, performing research on social processes and involving local stakeholders through the end user organizations in an umbrella structure.

The following figure gives an overview of the overall project idea, with the stakeholders and services in the community (click to enlarge).



The SOCIALCARE project is co-funded by the AAL Joint Programme (Ref. AAL-2014-1-181) and the National Authorities and R&D programs in The Netherlands, Austria, Spain (Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo - Ref: AAL-010000-2015-7) and Belgium.